Trust in Relationships-The Journey of Love

It is exciting to be in love. It is an amazing feeling so great that you can’t just tell how you feel sometimes.

trust is a journey

Love has so many languages and it is expressed in several ways. Love is just four letter word and yet so full of power. Love can make the world spin. Love does not have season but there are times it is expressed / seen everywhere including the air. One of such is in valentines and when the year is winding up [December].
Christmas and the New Year’s celebration are all about love and it is celebrated greatly with family and friends.
Love is a powerful tool.

Trust in a relationships begins with a journey of love. Trust and love are identical twins that do everything together. Where trust is, love is also. NO TRUST, NO LOVE.
Healthy relationships thrive with the combination of trust and love and not with the absence of one. When trust and love coexist in a relationship, forgiveness will be easy.

The journey of love begins with the following:

1- Words / Thoughts and Feelings

 To earn trust in relationships, words of your partner must be taken just the way they are. The moment you start doubting your partners’ word, mistrust is around the corner. So simply take your partners word. For a healthy relationship being true about your partners’ thoughts and feelings is a sign you can trust your partner.
Communication is very important in relationships. Therefore any bit of openness should not be taken for granted. When your partner tells you about how they feel or their thoughts concerning an issue, you should see to it because it points to their Love, Trust and Respect for you and you should also reciprocate this.

2- Admit your Fault

 This is always difficult for most people especially men. Probably because of their ego, but then you have to flush your ego down the drain sometimes for you to enjoy a healthy relationship. Ladies you are not left out please, learn to admit your fault too.
If you can’t take responsibility for your fault it means you can’t take responsibility of your partners fault which is necessary sometimes depending on the circumstances [Ladies love this, Wink].
Trust and Love is built or developed with great speed when you take responsibility for your wrongs and apologize.

3- Questioning

 It is normal for partners to question each other. What matters most is the attitude or motive of behind your questioning. What nobody likes is been interrogated. Don’t let your questions sound like you are talking to a criminal, this will lead to anxiety in the relationship and mistrust because your partner will feel you are suspecting them for something.
Apply wisdom when asking questions.

4- Communication

 Every healthy relationship out there also has a healthy communication line opened all the time. Communication is not a one way thing but sometimes you just have to be the listener. Sometimes your partner just wants to vent. They just want to let everything out. It is your duty to listen and only ask when you feel the time is right to ask ‘if there is anything you can do to help the situation’. Most often when your partner cuts in to make a suggestion, at that instance they literally contribute little or nothing to what or how you feel. This happens most times when your partner had a bad day.
Give room for proper communication.


5- Attention

 when your partner does everything to pay rapt attention when you are talking is a great sign of trust and love. To develop trust and love in your relationship, give attention to your partner when they talk. Try to face them when talking. This also mean you are listening and willing to contribute to the discussion. Communication coupled with attention is great.
‘No Attention; Equals mistrust’

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6- Prioritize your Relationship

What comes first is very important when it comes to building trust in relationships.
Mistake most people make is to put other things first before their relationships. This could lead to mistrust. One of the ways of prioritizing your relationship is by introducing your spouse or partner to your business associates, colleagues etc. This will make your partner feel safe in the relationship.
Take Note.

7- finance

 Never ever hide your financial status from your spouse. If you do, you allow for mistrust. No matter how little you earn, you have to let them know so they can help you manage your resources and even plan for the future.

8- Touch

who doesn’t like to be touched? Touch creates a welcoming atmosphere for love to be expressed. Holding your partner while on a walk is a great idea. It means you are proud of them and willing to show them off to the world. Hug your partners anytime and in anywhere. Morning hugs and kisses are also awesome. They all point to a deep connection between you two.

holding hands

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Questions: Then ask
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With Love.
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