Ways To Handle Unrequited Love

It is so devastating to be in love with someone who takes your feelings for granted. It breaks the heart when you are having a crush on someone who sees you as His or her kid sister or brother.

Love is a strange phenomenon but makes us feel good.
It hurts the most when you have intense feeling of affection and care towards another person who does not know you exist.

More than 50% of the world population today experience unrequited love at one point or the other in their entire life time. In fact, it has become a periodic occurrence in our world today.
Unrequited love can make a person sick, really sick if care is not taken. It leaves deep wounds in the heart of its victim and might takes days, weeks or even years to heal
There are some ways to get over it and protect yourself from been vulnerable to this devastating experience of unrequited love.
NOTE: if you have experienced this or experiencing it now, some tips will be listed to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

 There is no sense loving someone who does not love you in return. So the earlier you come out of the shock the better for you and your emotions so you could meet someone better, who makes you laugh, happy, cares for you as much as you care too (unrequited love).
These tips listed are TRIED and TESTED over the years and they do some pretty wonder.

To make peace in this situation is to ACCEPT the current circumstance. When you accept that a person does not love you in return it will help you to easily move on. Don’t try wasting your precious time waiting for the person to love in return, expecting a sudden change of mind or attitude towards you. By making peace your friendship continues, but don’t expect love as thought, it hurts so you might want to give some distance from the person.

It is not their fault they don’t feel the same way you do about them. Truth be told, you will feel upset and resentful when you truly are in love with someone doesn’t share your thought.
3-SPEAK WITH SOMEONE: Trusted friend or family. You will feel much more better when you talk about it instead of hiding it from them which will make the hurt increase greatly. Your friends / family will help you shake it off quickly as they will show you love and be there for you always.

4-STOP THE WRONG THOUGHTS: With unrequited love, victims start blaming themselves in several ways (probably if I had long legs or if I was thinner or chubby or had six packs, maybe it’s my complexion or could it be my height or because of the unwise thing I did the other day). Dear friend , none of these thoughts will change His or Her opinion. He or She just doesn’t feel the way you do and it is not their fault. But you could work on any of your habits you think is not good and not your color or height or shape.

The more time you create for yourself with this experience the better. This will enable you have full fun as a single person. Set good goals for yourself at work, school and so on. Give yourself new task, improve on your career, go to the movies alone or with friends, go shopping and just feel the breeze and love will come knocking soon.
Go register in a gym if necessary or be consistent with it at home. Exercise has a way of releasing the feel-good endorphin, it makes you feel awesome with yourself and there is increase of inner strength, energy and flexibility.

Other benefits of exercise include:
A Reduce your risk of heart disease
B It relaxes your nerves thereby making you sleep better
C Boost yourself confidence ‘you sure need it’
D General Performance boost

Singing and Dancing to your favorite tunes will release joy and happiness in your soul.  Songs have a way of bringing out or helping us see the bright side of life especially when we feel hurt. Dancing is a way of having fun and also for exercising. Energy level is increased too. So go dancing.

In life, everything that happen to us is a lesion, at work, name it are all lessons and we are to learn from them as they occur and be better. So friend, learn from your experience of unrequited love for a better decision making and for more pleasant, healthier futuristic relationships.

It feels hurt, I know, don’t worry just feel it. If the tears want to run down, allow them flow and don’t hold them back it is natural. But don’t dwell there forever.

Remember I said more than 50% of the world population today experience unrequited love at one point or the other in their entire life time, funny enough we all survive it. So put yourself together, go through all the ways listed and you will be just fine.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The period of experiencing unrequited love can be described or compared to a dark tunnel, but remember there is light at the other side of it only if you can go through it. Nobody wants to be a victim of unrequited love but people do.
Dear, sooner than expected, if you do the above will you find someone who will cherish you (everything about you).

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With Love.
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  1. I have been a victim of this. Thanks for your help jude


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