Anger vs Love in your Relationship

These two are so powerful that they both can destroy if not properly used or managed. Everyday we are left with various ways to express our inner thoughts or feelings, these may include being understanding, patient with who is involved, another way of expressing our inner thoughts is by responding with anger or with kindness and love.


Note that when we respond with anger or hate, we tend to ruin somebody else day which might later affect your output especially if you have to work with the person for the whole of that day.

Love and Anger cannot stay under one roof, but they can if you ask me. Probably this will be a discuss for another day.
Anger / Hate is a negative response while love is a positive response. Negative feelings are aggressive while positive feelings are calm and gentle.
Irritation from a friend, your spouse, coworker, your maid etc must come, but your attitude which is your response is what matters (Anger / Love).

Most successes if not all recorded are built on the solid foundation of Love, Trust and respect with family, friends or even nations. The world needs Love, Trust and respect today and nothing else.
Ever wondered why some people just can’t love?
Hmmm, Environment plays a big role. A person exposed to all vices  from childhood might find it difficult to love, but there is hope.
In every relationship there must be arguments, it must occur at one point or the other no matter how much love there is in your relationship but what matters most is the kind of response from both partners or one partner.

Your ability to control argument not to lead to anger is maturity because you must argue with your spouse, colleague at work, friends even your boss but control is the key.
Try as much as possible to fill your surrounding with positive feelings (love) and see how anger vanishes on its own accord.

 A marriage should be enjoyed and not endured. This is possible only with love, trust and respect which in summary can be maturity. In every relationship Love, Trust and Respect is essential. When your partner can feel the radiance of Love, Care, Trust and respect then you are heading to having a successful and lasting relationship. So also is Anger which is the direct opposite of love can lead to broken relationships.
What then is Anger? It is a feeling of displeasure. It is a state of being hostile


What is Love? It is a strong feeling of Care, Liking and affection towards another person.

Both Anger and Love are expressions of our inner thoughts which is expressed in our actions even seen on our faces.

Good news is that anger is preventable if you follow these fee steps below:

1-Talk about how you feel to your spouse, friend or a professional for help
2-Try to be calm in every situation
3-Have a creative mind (bring out the fun in any situation)
4-Exercise helps a lot as it helps relaxes your nerves and mind
5-Trigger signs: know what triggers your anger and avoid them
6-Go for evening walks
7-Stop drinking too much alcohol
8-If need be go for Anger management program

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With Love
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