Omg! Congratulations On Your First

My wife is pregnant with our first child; she has been a loving and caring wife. All of a sudden her mood changes so swiftly that it leaves me confused.

I really love her and we have been through a lot lately. Please help!

OMG! Congratulations on your first. It’s a beautiful and wonderful gift from above. Children are awesome and glorious creature so innocent, tender and sweet.
Has she gained some weight yet?
How is her diet?

I am not teasing because these are some of the prominent feature of a pregnant woman for the Nine months. You might add some Ibs too if you don’t watch it. Nevertheless, hers will be like thrice (3x) of yours.  That is normal okay?

Note: don’t lay emphasis on her added weight as this will put her off.
The mood swing she is experiencing is very normal for any pregnant lady especially during the first trimester. The first trimester refers to the first three months of pregnancy when her hormones start changing and adjusting to the new life springing up in her Tommy.

(It is a wonderful imagination)

These hormones are for the good development of the beautiful creature in her Tommy. These hormones also play with her mind / sense of reasoning someway making her over excited sometimes, stressed out or just pissed off at the slightest provocation. ‘You might want to avoid this’
The entire above listed are pronounced during the first trimester. This does not mean she won’t exhibit these hormonal / mood swings during other trimesters, but will be reduced.
Since you have known the cause of her mood swings, there are things you can do to help yourself:

You have to be very patient with her. You have to tolerate her excesses during this Nine months both for her good, the baby’s good and obviously yours as well.

You can help her be in a more regular mood by helping in a walk with her: take her for a walk in the evenings.

3. Suggest snacks that she will like and healthy (increase sugar level)

4. Don’t take any of her outbursts as a direct attack from her. Don’t hold them against her thinking she does them intentionally.

5. Agree with most of her suggestions especially if they won’t hurt anybody. If you just want a drink and she demands for something else, let her have it. (May be difficult though)

6. BE CALM: Be calm always as this will build your inner strength for the best .

7. BE APPRECIATIVE: you may wonder why; she is carrying your seed remember? Tell her how much more she looks beautiful with her Tommy having a new shape. But don’t do this always so she doesn’t think you mean she is FAT.

This will make her feel loved and know she has her man by her side even with her new looks. Don’t know why many guys don’t like taking their wife out when she is pregnant. A guy gets I don’t just know why. A guy gets married and want to be everywhere with her and when she is pregnant, that’s when he comes home late or miss a date. Wake up guys, take her to dinner, the movies, go shopping with her etc.

You might also want to give her some space. Sometimes she might not want your finger to touch her. Pray its Saturday so you can just go play or watch soccer with your friends if she permits. You are her Nanny too, hmmm, yes nanny.

10. LAZY
From (9) above, most pregnant women at certain times are LAZY, you just can’t complain. You may have to do the laundry, stop over to get milk from work or gets home and then tell you she wants pizza.

Go with her to antenatal whenever you are opportune. She will really love this and be proud of her man. (she is likely not going to tell you but she is happy and proud) also be involved in the exercises.

12. LOVE her dearly, it is all for good!

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  1. WALK WITH HER: You can help her be in a more regular mood by helping in a walk with her: take her for a walk in the evenings.

    I really agree with you. It is a lovely thing.


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