Types of Depression, Causes and Symptoms

Depression occurs in life from time to time for various reasons. But it is advised to come out of it as soon as possible in other to prevent your health from deteriorate badly.

Depression, Causes and Symptoms


 Depression most often will affect your daily life, your performance at work, your relationship with other people. Been sad always or regularly could point to a type of depression classified as Clinical Depression. Luckily it can be treated.

Various activities we engage in triggers chemical changes in our body which result to different types of depression.

1- Major Depression
  •   Sudden loss of pleasure in hobbies /activities of interest
  •   Feeling worthless or feeling awkward
  •   Suicidal thoughts
  •   Agitated feeling
  •   Loss of weight
  •   Heavy hearts
  •   Heavy eyes when you are supposed to be busy or at unusual hours
  •  Lack of strength / energy
If you experience 3 of the above could mean you have a major depression especially if it occurs at least 4 days in 2 weeks.

Major depression is when you have the feelings on regular bases within certain period of time. What your Doctor may suggest includes:
·         Electroconvulsive therapy
·         Repetitive Transracial Magnetic Simulations
·         Talk Therapy

Most likely your doctor will place you on a session with talk therapy. If this doesn’t work before he recommends the other two.

2- Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder
  •   Mood swings
  •   Concentration issues
  •   Appetite change / habits
  •   Overwhelmed feelings
These feelings are associated with Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder which is common with women at the start of their period. See your doctor for proper prescription. But antidepressant medication can treat it. 
3- Psychotic Depression
  •   False belief
  •   Paranoid
  •   Seeing and or hearing things that are not true (Hallucination)
The symptoms above points to Psychotic Depression which also have the symptoms of major depression the effective use of antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs can treat this type of depression. 

4- Atypical Depression
  •   Increased hunger for sleep
  •   Unusual sensitivity to criticism
  •   Heaviness in leg, arms and joints
  •   Unusual appetite
Are all signs of atypical depression. It’s a pointer to the cause of the depression. Antidepressant does help. Other treatment includes Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) or Monoamine Oxide Inhibitor (MAOI)

5- Women that have experience major depression  in the past especially few weeks / months after childbirth may have Peripartum Depression. Antidepressants drugs can be used but always see your Doctor.

6- Bipolar disorder

With the symptoms of major depression with experience of extreme high energy level with up moods to low moods can be referred to as Bipolar disorder. There are medications that can regulate these mood swings. Most likely, the major depression symptoms   manifest when you are in the low level mood.
Mood stabilizer is mostly used to help with the mood swings. Other treatments approved includes the following

·         Latuda
·         Seroquel
·         Olanzapine-Fluoxetine Combi

 7-Persistent Depression Disorder
  •   Inappropriate sleep
  •   Irregular eating
  •   Hopeless / worthless feelings
  •   No or low self esteem
  •   Inability to concentrate 

These are all signs of persistent depression disorder in place. This is depression over a very long period of time which may be from 1 year or longer. Treatment may include a combination of medication and psychotherapy or separately.

Note that it is always advised to seek medical help if you notice any of these depression signs. You might notice it in your spouse or a family member, go visit your doctor so you will know how best to help the person out of it.

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