Fatigue, Symptoms And Causes of Fatigue

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 Over weight can result to fatigue. Feeling sleepy may be a pointer to a fatigue. There are physical fatigue and mental fatigue but are similar in their manifestations.

In general, fatigue is a common problem that manifest in the physical and mental state of a being as exhaustion or and a feeling of weakness. When physical exhaustion is in play in a victims’ life for long can result to mental fatigue.

Terms Used To Describe Fatigue

2-Lack of Energy
3-Feeling Rundown

Also fatigue is a state of the mind that suggest lack of energy or and No!!  Mindset.

Symptoms of Fatigue

The list below is some ways fatigue victims and medical professionals have described fatigue. They are:

1-Constantly exhausted with little energy used
2-No motivation for anything
3-Inability to complete task
4-Inability to focus
5-Lack of strength / energy
6-General body weakness
7-Loss of concentration
8-Fast heart beat
10-Chest pain
11-Unexplainable weight loss / gain
12-Sudden appearance of lumps in the body
13-Increased body temperature. Temperatures above 38.20C should be checked.
14-Severe body pain
15-Joints discomfort
Note that fatigue can be prevented

Causes of Fatigue

 1- Depression

 Fatigue can be caused by depression. With the high population of people living with depression in the world today, if properly investigated we will discover that it eventually lead to fatigue / formation of fatigue in its victim.

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Depression is always associated with Anxiety, sadness, pains. Fatigue is also a depression sign.

 Most people do not know that one of the reasons they are fatigued may be related to insufficient liquid or fluid in their body. Some people don’t like the idea of regularly taking liquid and feel their body is functioning normal. This mentality about liquid is wrong. We should at least have a form of liquid close by at any point in time. Water is the best form of liquid to have around and it is quite easy to carry about. Sometimes dehydration can sometimes cause increased in body temperature of headaches.
Experts recommend at least 8 glasses of water every day. With sufficient water, your body temperature will be regulated which will keep your health in check.


 Some food allergies can trigger some form of fatigue. The best way to out of this is not to eat certain food you feel make you react. Observe to see if your energy level increased and when they were reintroduced if your energy level reduced. See your Doctor on more advice on this. Also not eating enough food can cause fatigue.

4-Caffeine Intake

As humans we give various reasons or excuses to justify our intake of caffeine. Some say to keep them active / alert due to the nature of their work and so on. What I always ask is what about your health? This shows you don’t care about your health. Too much of caffeine has side effects. So if you must take it, with moderation. There are cases of high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia that has been traced to too much intake of substances with caffeine. To stop these intakes, see your Doctor so he can give a good gradual withdrawal method.

5-Lack of Sleep

This is one of the greatest causes of fatigue. You don’t sleep well and you need to put in your best the next day at work, it doesn’t work that way. With time it will affect your total well-being.
Get quality sleep each night of about 8 hours. Try to make your room comfortable as possible with all electrical gadgets like TV and phones switched off.


This is a sleep disorder were someone stops breathing for some time (short period) during sleep and they are unaware of the short break in breathing. This can cause fatigue too. Factors that promotes sleep apnea includes smoking, alcohol intake and overweight.


Diabetes is another cause of fatigue. This has to do with the amount of sugar in your blood. Either low of high blood sugar level can trigger fatigue.
To control fatigue as a result of diabetes is to watch your lifestyle and make changes were necessary.

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