Reasons Why Kissing Is Indispensable In A Relationship

Is kissing indispensable in a relationship? Extremely indispensable if you really want to enjoy your relationship. In fact, you need to learn how to kiss if you don’t know how. There’re kissers and there’re kissers… emmm, still trying to download what I said? …Hahaha.


Ok, whether you’re using a kiss to connect with someone you’re romantically interested in or as a greeting to a friend or family member, kissing has a host of emotional, mental, and physical benefits to everyone involve in the process.

There’re different types of kisses. You need to know at least three (3) of them and master their use, then thank me latter. It’s like learning a craft and becoming perfect at what you do. 

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Here are 7 reasons why kissing is crucial to your healthy relationship:

1. It drives out stress from both partners/promotes happiness.

Kissing promotes the release of dopamine and oxytocin which is a powerful hormone proven to reduce stress and make you feel happy.

Stress can be detrimental to you emotionally and mentally. Stress can prompt terrible anxiety, affecting your totality. Stress is also bad for your physical health, causing your blood pressure (bp) to spike thereby increasing the risk of cardio arrest.

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When you’re living stress-free, not only will you feel happier in your relationship, you’ll also be taking care of your mental and physical health – leading to a more healthy and pleasurable relationship.

2. Kissing builds strong emotional intimacy.

Kissing is the most effective way couples develop a deep sense of emotional intimacy with each other.

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Emotional intimacy occurs when couples are able to be vulnerable, comfortable, and deeply connected to one another in a relationship.

When you’re emotionally intimate with your spouse, you’re able to trust them, share secrets without fear, and feel completely accepted by your partner.

Of course, kissing is a form of physical intimacy as well, but the oxytocin hormone released while kissing helps lower emotional barriers and connects a couple on a deeper level.

Don’t forget that kissing also involve touching. Touch also has it’s magic in connecting partners for stronger bonding.

3. It helps for stronger bonding.

Having a strong connection/bond with your partner is how you keep your relationship happy and healthy. This is just one more reason to add an extra kiss into your daily routine – not the quick kiss please, take your time, especially if you aren’t in a hurry.

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Studies show that kissing and other forms of physical affection trigger the release of the hormone dopamine, which promotes bonding in couples. This bonding agent acts as a glue that strengthens your relationship and keeps you both feeling satisfied in the relationship and when there’s an issue to trash out, it makes your partner accessible – maybe with the start of a kiss.

OMG! French kisses are the real deal - don’t ask why…smiles.

4. Passionate kiss is an expression of true love.

Do you want to boost the love in your relationship? Kissing is a great to do so and I mean a passionate one please. Remember that kissing is a way to show somebody that you care about them. It’s an intimate expression of desire and affection – note: Passionate kiss.

And studies show that partner satisfaction is strongly related to displays of physical affection, such as cuddling, kissing, and hugging both privately and in public places. It has a way of making your partner feel really special and assured they are the only one in your life.

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It shows how much you’re into them and it also brings some kind of comfort and great security. The feeling is endless.

5. It plays a role in attraction.

Kissing is important if you want to have a physical relationship with someone. Studies show that kissing can have a big impact on whether or not you want to pursue a sexual relationship with somebody.

6. It is fun kissing your love.

In the beginning weeks of your relationship, odds are you couldn’t get enough of kissing each


"Kissing is an emotional and physical escape from the rest of the world. It’s a way to lose yourself in the intimate connection you share with someone else with that special one".

Kissing doesn’t have to lead to sex in order to feel good.

For the reasons listed in this article, it’s no wonder some people can kiss for several hours and still want more. Kissing is really fun while building stronger bond between you two.

7. kissing boosts trust among partners.

Trust is fundamental for healthy relationships and this cannot be over emphasized. Trusting your partner lets you know that you can count on them. It is a reassurance of love, a sign of true partnership, and boosts romantic relationship.

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Now you see why kissing is important in a relationship. Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with your partner as it is remedy for easing stress, boosting trust and helps to improve bonding greatly, hence; bringing partners closer together.

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