The 15 Best Ways To Avoid Annoying People

It’s almost impossible not to meet those who delight pleasure in ruining your day. Hence we must learn how to ignore them so you could have a great day. Our mood is dependent greatly on the people we allow into our life and those we interact with on a daily bases.


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The fact remains that annoying people are sure to come your way everyday and you must be prepared to deal with them appropriately. Understanding how to ignore people is crucial if you love your peace of mind. These set of people sometimes behave like grasshoppers. They’re just out there to put sadness on peoples face and if you must avoid their nest of sadist, you must be 100% ready for them.

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Note that they can take the form of a boss, co-worker, bestie or even a family member and you must deal with them at some point because they’re your circle.

 How to cleverly ignore annoying people daily

There are effective ways to ignore or reduce the difficult people in your life. With these tactics, you can cleverly avoid interaction with them.

Social Media - Virtual:

1. Change your visibility status in social media.

One of the best and most convenient ways to prevent unwanted people from starting a conversation online is to change your visibility status. Then you appear permanently offline. With this, they won’t be encouraged to say “Hi, do you know today is Monday?”

The good news is that most social media sites and instant messaging apps have such a feature. This is better used so you don’t need to block anyone and have to explain yourself to them why you blocked them. Instead, you’re simply offline.

2. Use a middle man to communicate with them.

With reference to #1, probably you’re in a situation you really need to talk to this person and yet want avoid them, why not convey your message via a close friend or a colleague. This will give you some breathing space.

3. Block them on social media if you’re done with their friendship.

With reference to #1, if you have them in your social media and you’re really done with their friendship, the easiest thing to do that will also send a strong message to them is to block them or remove them from your contacts list.

Real World Scenario – Physical Presence:

4. Wear big headphone – it’s a do not disturb sign.

Big headphones with music blaring will not only keep you focused and really entertained, they can also serve as a big “do not disturb” sign to people who may otherwise attempt to approach you or will send a message to keep the conversation very short.

Big headphones are effective since because they’re more noticeable from a distance.

5. Avoid eye contact.

From wide life experts, wilderness survival teaches us that avoiding eye contact will save you from a wild animal attack if encountered. The same principle also applies to people you don’t want to deal with.

Making eye contact is a form of acknowledgement which will invite further conversation. So, if you want to prevent social interaction from even happening, just avoid eye contact with them.

6. Keep your responses short.

With reference to #4, give out brief responses every time you have a conversation with the unwanted person. It will give them the idea that you are a boring conversation partner or you’re busy since you have your headphone on. After a few encounter with you, they’ll be the one avoiding you.

7. Walk away from them.

If you happen to be in the same vicinity with the person you’re avoiding and probably they’ve not spotted you, grab the opportunity to take off. Use the crowd around you if there’s any as a cover so the person won’t notice you.

8. Avoid bumping into them by not taking their usual route.

The worse that can happen to you is encountering an unwanted or annoying person in a place of relaxation. It’s like a pain in the a**.

To avoid getting entrapped with them, it is very important to know their regular route and avoid them by all cost even if it means you walking an additional mile.

9. Use other friends or colleagues as escape plan when necessary.

With reference to #2, ignoring a person sometimes requires the assistance of your friends or sympathetic colleagues who understands the pains you’re going through with this one annoying person. For this to be effective, you must be in close proximity to your rescue team.

If they start engaging you, divert your attention to your backup and engage them. With this, the person’s attention gets diverted and since your team knows the plan, they’ll keep the annoying person in a sweet conversation so you can slip away unnoticed.

10. Avoid the places they usually hang out in your vicinity.

With reference to #8, to avoid encountering some set of people, avoid the places they frequent or route. This involves knowing where they do hang out and never setting your foot in those places as much as possible.

11. Act like you’re in a hurry if you bump into them.

We usually step aside and leave someone who is in a hurry right? With that thought, act like you’re in a hurry to get somewhere or you are busy with something if you’re about to bump into an annoying person who’s likely to start up a conversation – note you’re only trying not to get into conversation with them.

 12. Appear busy the moment you perceive their presence.

Acting busy is a good way to get out of any conversation. You can do this by intentionally appearing distracted while they’re talking to you. You can switch from giving the person attention and back to focusing on your work. Another way to go about this is also by giving abrupt responses.

If the person has common sense, they’ll feel they’re interrupting and intruding on your space and eventually take a walk.

13. Use the tactic “I need to make a call”.

With reference to #11 and #12, this method is most effective when you’re wondering how to ignore someone. Also, if you find yourself trapped in an uncomfortable conversation with anyone, just go make a quick call. They won’t ask who you dialed and if I were you, I’ll use that to escape from that area completely.

The best way to implement this method so it doesn’t look obvious is to engage the person for a little bit, then execute your escape plan. Just give them a good reason why you desperately need to make this urgent call and watch the magic unfold as they apologetically lets you go for you to make your well planed escape.

14. Act like you’re in a bad mood and you want to be alone when they’re close by.

People usually back off from visibly upset people to avoid making the situation worse. Hence this is the best way out if the person is persistent and overbearing.

15. Be formal and display professionalism when dealing with them.

This tactic works more if the person you’re trying to ignore is in a formal environment with you. This method works the same way as the previous (#14). Be deliberately formal or professional with them. This method automatically creates a sort of social distance that discourages them from becoming too close.

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The fact remains that there’ll always be annoying people in your life some way or the other that you’ll have to cleverly deal with if you don’t want to completely shut them out. With the above tactics, your interactions with them will be reduced to the bear-rest minimum and you’ll enjoy your peace.

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