Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Cost In Marriage

What do you think of the saying "Marriage is not for small boys"? What exactly does this saying mean? Does it mean small boys in terms of age, experience in relationships or managing a home?

mistakes to avoid in relationship and marriage

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So many people are scared of marriage and it’s due to misconception about the topic. There’re secrets to sustain a home. Every couple must work out a plan for a successful marriage. Mind you, what work for marriage A might not work for marriage B but good communication, understanding, patience and most importantly, forgiveness is generally needed for a successful marriage.

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Note: The amount of expectations you bring into marriage will either spell its doom or success. I don’t mean you should into the marriage with total emptiness but understanding, patience, communication, hard work, fear of God and forgiveness are the best expectations to go into marriage with and watch as they’ll yield results of getting cars, houses, taking care your kids with ease, etc fall in place.

If a lady keeps on nagging in the house, she pushes the spirit of her man from the home. If you make the man unhappy, you make the house really uncomfortable for yourself.

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“If you give a man who truly love you peace of mind, you’ll enjoy your home”

You might be the first to get up from bed and the last to go to bed, bath the kids, do devotion with them, prepare breakfast for the family, iron his clothes, kiss him and wish him the best – Just be patience because you’ll soon reap the reward of your patience, hard work, etc.

You might want to ask “what does the man do in return”? Here lies the problem: you do something for your partner and expect same reward from them, this is so wrong!

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When it becomes your attitude to only please your partner always, the other person responds naturally.

“Trees dance to the wind”

Love compels would-be couples into marriage but it doesn't sustain marriage. But understanding, patience, communication and forgiveness sustain marriage. High expectations are the symptoms of divorce in current day marriage.

Some say they want to marry a mother/father, a business partner, a God fearing person, a funny person, a rich man, a tail man, hmm he has to be muscular, etc. dear, you cannot get all your expectations in one person. With time and depending on your relationship, you may get some. So minimize your expectations in marriage.

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Mistakes you should avoid at all cost in marriage if you must enjoy your home:

1. Never say you made your spouse somebody from nobody. It hurts. God only used you as an agent of transformation.

2. Resort less to men to solve your marital issues.

3. Let the man be head of the home no matter the situation while the woman exercises diligence in the use of the tongue.

4. Make up your character much more than you make up your body.

5. Having children should not be the ultimate objective in marriage.

Children are given to enhance your marriage so when there’s a delay, have reasons to live a happy and successful marital life.

6. Sex is a morale booster. Try to be sexual beings and not "Angels" in marriage

Make every effort to let that marriage work.

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