17 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

Just the way you want to feel loved and appreciated, it’s normal for your girlfriend to feel that way too. Never let a day go by that you don’t do or say something that’ll let her know how much you love her. How do i make my girlfriend feel loved might be the question haunting most guys today.


Here are the answers to your unspoken questions:

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1. Compliment her.

Simple compliment, yet deep does the magic often. A compliment that comes from your significant other means a lot.

Note: You don’t have to lie just to make her feel loved – she can filter your lies ad won’t appreciate your compliments soon. The memorable ones don’t have to come from a Noble Laureate or be overly flattering when complimenting her. Instead, choose your words wisely and be honest with them. Don’t exaggerate too.

2. Surprise her.

Who doesn’t love one? But - Girls love surprises and they aren’t always looking for huge and expensive gifts or outings to feel loved. Instead, they long for little acts of kindness in a simple surprise that can make them feel happy and loved.

Get her little “something”, roses could do the job or her favorite chocolate, ice cream, do the dishes, etc. Make her dinner or go on a simple, unplanned dinner date. You can also plan an outing together since ladies love to have a day out with their significant other.

Note: It’s not just going out or doing the ordinary, but it’s all about the love and effort you put into it.

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3. Remain faithful to her.

Dude, you don’t need to run from temptation because they’ll come. To keep a healthy relationship and not having that guilt feeling, you sure need to avoid temptations and strengthening your relationship will help you make your significant other feel loved.

Try not to stare at other girls because your girl is going to notice it.

4. Listen to your girl.

Listening is a virtue and when you can truly listen to your girlfriend, you make it safe for her to express herself because the more she is able to do it, the more she feels heard, understood and loved. Take interest in listening carefully when she is talking to you, stop anything you’re doing to avoid distractions and if you can’t put an hold on what you’re doing, kindly ask for a moment from her.

Show response while she’s talking to signify you’re on same page. Get involved in the conversation by responding verbally and also use body languages to connect deeply with her – ladies love this too and try not to interrupt your woman when she’s talking.

Interrupting someone when talking could be really rude and I’m sure you don’t like it – so, don’t do it. If you feel she’s got it all wrong, let her finish talking before you respond else it’ll become argument and not conversation anymore.

5. Spend quality time with her.

Spending quality time with her will let her know that she is your priority and this reminds her how much you care and love her. “I’m too busy” is just a myth because if someone really matters to you, you won’t make excuses but rather, you’ll make time to be with your partner.

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6. Respect her.

These can be counted as respect: Opening doors, pulling out chairs, or carrying things for her. But respect isn’t all about that. Be that guy who’s willing to listen to her opinions and respect her decisions despite your different perspectives. I don’t mean you should not speak up, but be reasonable enough to draw the line and respect her voice. If you think her opinion on the issue at hand is on the negative, there’re ways to tell her without disrespecting her.

Respect is very important from both parties if you want to enjoy your relationship.

7. Express your sincere appreciation.

With reference to #1, expressing your appreciation is very important as she’s not a mind reader to know you are grateful without saying it. Letting your girlfriend know how much you appreciate everything she does for you, is the same as expressing how much you love her. Her compliments and acts of kindness towards you deserve gratitude in return. So, as much as possible don’t forget to say “Thank you” - for the great meal, for the time, helping with laundry, etc either by telling her verbally or showing it by being direct – like with a hot kiss or hug right there

8. Leave her a note.

Show to your girlfriend how much you love and care for her by sending her notes like “You look beautiful today” or “Your smile brighten up my day.” It only takes a few seconds to do it and it will immediately brighten up her day.

9. Let her know she’s part of your life/future.

Include her in your plans and life’s decisions – get her involve. Let her know you’re thinking about her and not just in the “now” but also in the future. Take her along your journeys plan so she can understand you better and grow together.

10. Encourage and give her your support.

Actually, the easiest way to be supportive is to be encouraging. Always let her know that you believe in her and encourage her to pursue things that can make her feel happy including her dreams. Hearing words like “you can do”, “baby keep going”, “you’re not alone, I’m with you”, “honey, just a little effort”,  “you’re almost there” can give her enough strength to achieve even the impossible.

11. Be open/honest to her.

If you want her to feel loved, be open. Tell her anything.

12. Tell and show how much you love her.

With reference to #8, a simple “I love you” can make her feel happy but the act of demonstrating love is another way to make her feel loved. Don’t just say “I love you” – do something about it like intentionally running some errands for her, pamper her with food, spoil her with her favorite ice cream, go on a vacation with her, buy her favorite book, etc.

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13. Touch her.

In addition to #12, don’t forget small meaningful touches like holding her hands, hugs, pecks and kisses – I’ll suggest some French kisses when she doesn’t expect it.

14. Obey her.

Girls are hurt when you try to ignore their corrections. Be willing to follow and respect her corrections because she’s only doing it for your own good. Make her feel loved by following her good commandments - smiles, like living a healthy lifestyle, breaking bad habits, working hard for the future and, of course, avoiding acts of cheating – but dear, you must be willing to do same else he won’t take you serious.

15. Make sacrifices for her.

Sacrifices are inevitable in relationships. You will have to sacrifice for your partner at some point. Your time, privacy, and some personal ambitions might be sacrificed sometimes including your pride and ego just to make your relationship work and to make her happy.

16. Acknowledge it’s a partnership.

You need to talk things through with your partner in your relationship. Deal with your partner’s emotional outbursts and temperament calmly. Always remember you’re in a partnership.

17. Help her solve her problems.

Try to be her hero or angel by providing solutions to her problems when you can. Don’t be too proud not to accept you don’t have the solution to any of her problem and get help elsewhere. She’ll appreciate your kind gesture and sincere heart.

There may be a lot of ways to make a girl happy, but at the end of the day, you just want her to feel loved. In fact, every girl doesn’t need a perfect guy. What she needs is a special guy who makes her feel special.

Ladies, if your boyfriend is able to show or express 5 – 10 of the above, you should appreciate that and know he loves you. Be sure to play your part to assure him you love him too.

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