Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas And Activities For Kids

You’ve got kids? Then you’ve got a lot to think about on this holiday. Kids are wonderful beings and can’t be left out on such beautiful moments.


Here are a few fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas and activities for those beautiful kids.

1. Dialog/family meeting.
Funny right? But it’s essential sometimes. You might need to discourse some of your ideas with your spouse before telling the kids. This is to enable you have some backup. Parenting could be difficult sometimes especially when you have a defiant child.

Another reason for dialog or a family meeting is for the kids to come up with ideas for the Val’s day. They might add some stars to the day you know.

2. Homemade treats.
This is really a pocket friendly idea and it creates a memory of love shared with the family. Family time should not only be a visit to the big screen. Make cookies or cupcakes at home instead of getting Valentine treats from the bakery and make the kids participate. Kids can learn a lot be being part of the process. Take pictures or make a video of your new family adventure.

You can easily make heart-shaped cupcakes in a regular muffin tin even if you do not have any themed cookie cutters or baking pans.

Fill your cupcake liners in the muffin tin with batter as usual, but then place a marble between the liner and the tin for each cupcake. The marble makes the cupcake bake into a heart shape.

3. Valentine’s Day games.
Most parents don’t spend enough time with their kids. They run off early and come back late at night. Take this val seriously and spend some good time with the kids. You’re actually doing yourself more good than harm spending some time with them.

Note that the gift of time means more than material goods. You’re actually creating a problem for the future when you buy kids all the stuff without knowing them. Kids are dynamic and the only way to know them is to get involved with their stuff.

Valentine’s Day games doesn’t have to be Bot games, Nitendo Ninja, PS4 and the likes. Create a long-lasting Valentine memory by playing a simple love-themed game with your child. Some games your children will love include:
·         Pin the arrow on the heart
·         Broken heart matching
·         Hot-or-cold–hide a heart somewhere in the house, and have your kids look for it while they get clues from you.

4. At-home restaurant.
With reference to #1, it’s all about love and fun. Children love sweet family memories they can talk about in school or anywhere and they really get boastful when they’re part of the whole process. Mind you, this also builds a child’s imaginations. It makes their imaginative might grow super fast and their self-esteem is none compared.

Create a simple restaurant at home. You can use a free space in the house if you have any and if you don’t, make use of what you have. It’s all about the family oneness. Get the whole family involved in making a Valentine’s Day romantic simple meal.

Make the kids create menus, decorate the “bistro/eating place,” and help with the cooking. Daddy can pretend to be the server – fun and learning combined.

5. Love centerpiece.
Make a love centerpiece. Fill a vase with pebbles, sand, or beans, and place several small branches in it. Cut hearts out of paper, and write things you love about each other on each one, and then tape them to the branches.

6. Valentine exchange for classroom.
The yearly Valentine exchange in the primary school classroom is an important part of some countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, etc. It teaches love and sharing right from childhood. Thankfully, classroom packs of Valentine’s cards are pocket friendly, and they often include a card for the teacher.

7. Printable Valentine’s Day cards.
Allow your kids to express their creative side by allowing them make their own cards if they want to. However, if you don’t already have a stash of craft materials and construction paper, you can print out Valentine’s Day cards here - PopSugar. These can be printed in black-and-white for your kids to color in, or in color if they’d like to just cut them out. With this the kids will learn by being creative, express their love and be grateful having you as their parent.

8. Simple gift for the kids/family.
To cap #3 up, you could present the kids with their favorite pet which in some way, it’s a family gift. It’s like killing two birds with just a stone – that’s what it is right?

9. Essay competition with rewards.
With reference to #4, you could make the kids write essay about love, dad, mum or whatever you feel good they should write about and ensure to reward them.

10. Visit the park.
This idea is pretty pocket friendly. The kids are going to have fun, learn and make new friends that could mean a lot to their future. You can go with your basket filled with cookies, fruits, etc.

With these simple and inexpensive ideas, you’ve instilled love in the heart of your kids, made them not feel left out, thought them how to cook, learn how to share with friends and strangers, how to be contented with what they have, etc.

Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t about giving all your money to a company to show your significant other and family your feelings. Rather it’s about showing your love or feelings in every little way you can. Money doesn’t need to be spent to do this.

Picture: Pexels
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