7 Causes of Fear and their Effects on Relationships

So many relationships are at the verge of breakup as a result of fear unconsciously. Many people live daily in unknown or unconscious fear thereby having negative effects on their relationships.

Fear in relationship

Fear could be a powerful tool and can be channeled for effective relationship. From what you must know about fear and its’ consequences, we outlined some of the consequences of fear that maybe playing in our lives without noticing. They include:

1          Fear kills peace in relationship
2          Fear drains out courage
3          Fear isolates
4          Fear blow things out of proportion
5          Fear equals aging
6          Fear blindfolds its’ victims
7          Fear damages health
8          Fear decreases creativity
9          Fear kills joy
10        Fear equals self-defeat / quick surrender
11        Fear limits talents
12        Fear could paralyze a relationship completely
13        Fear creates negative barrier or boundaries in relationships
14        Fear could also lead to several subconscious behaviors that are detrimental.

Here are the 7 causes of fear and their effect on relationship

1-         Parental Fear

It is obvious that some of the fears experienced or exhibited are learnt from the fear of our parents. As a child you might not know what it means to fall but from the expression on the faces of your parents, you start crying. Subsequently, on recognizing signals of such events, fear is triggered.

2-         Associations of the past / present

Many people live in fear daily for no other reason but as a result of their past associations and some as a result of their present associations. ‘Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’ is still very much relevant today. The types of associations we surround ourselves with have a way of shaping us. There are associations that will build your self-confidence and shoot you to greater height while there are some that will have negative impact on you. Your past or presents associations will also have impact on your relationship as whatever you have learnt from them will speak in your relationship someway.

There are several associations that you irresponsible and then wonder why you are not responsible in your relationship. Peradventure you don’t like keeping out way into the night and now you have an associate or friend dear to you who sees nothing wrong in keeping late at night, soon you will do same.

These new characteristics or behaviors that were not part of you could have negative impact on your relationship especially if your partner / spouse loved you without them.
Mind the associations you keep. They will either make or mal you.

3-         Guilt

Guilt is a thorn in the flesh if not resolved {unresolved guilt}. Both high and low in the society live with guilt daily if not resolved. When guilt is unresolved, it could lead to fear and sometimes continuous fear. Some people are afraid of getting into a relationship as a result of been jilted on from their past relationships. Some don’t want to have kids because of their past experiences with miscarriage.

Many relationships are at the verge today as a result of guilt unresolved. Another common and yet uncommon guilt people experience is lies / deceit. When you lied about certain important aspect of your life to your partner only for them to discover you have been lying all these years could amount to some level of guilt now or in the future of your relationship.

You must resolve all form of guilt if you truly want to enjoy your relationship. Confess your past errors and mistakes to your partner so your body and mind will be free from its hooks and if you don't could lead to mistrust in relationship

4-         Hereditary

Fear could as well be inherited. There are several fears that can be inherited. For instance: there are cultures in Africa that can infringe fear in a person from that environment with such cultural values. Like the Yorubas in Nigeria {some parts} have a festival women are not allowed to participate in or see the masquerade and if they do, there are rites that must be performed on them. This type of fear is passed on from generation to generation. Some women from these parts of the Yoruba land are afraid of going into relationship with men from same culture or with same cultural values as they don’t want their partners to be part of the festival.

5-         Attention seeking fear

Some fears when analyzed properly are uncalled for. Though, they seem real but they are all for attention. You just want your partner to be around you. Though, the fear might as well be true and if it is not real, it could have negative effect on your relationship when your partner discovers it is all for the attention or trying to use it to discourage him / her from hanging out with friends.

6-         Faith in nothing

Fear could erupt in our lives / relationships when we have fate in nothing. You don’t hold on to nothing. There are no perfect being; yes. But you must have fate in something. When you don’t have fate in nothing, fear is inevitable and could ruin our healthy relationships.

7-         Lifestyle

Our lifestyle cannot be overemphasized when it comes to the causes of fear. How are you living your life? Or how have you lived your life? Some have lived the ‘free lifestyle’ they do whatever they feel like as it pleases them and now they are in a relationship with a partner who frowns at such. Unhealthy lifestyle like addiction to drugs and alcohol can also cause fear in relationships. When you are an addict, you could easily be termed irresponsible. Nobody wants to leave a child with such a person. Serious things will not be committed to such person.

There are people who have lost their marriages and kids as a result of addictions. If you are involved with addiction, you are advised to get help immediately from professionals.

To overcome the effect of fear in your relationship, you must ensure to check if these 7 causes of fear are not in your life or lying low waiting for when to show up uninvited and resolve them promptly so you can have a healthy and pleasant relationship.

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