Overcoming Loneliness, Signs of Loneliness and Ways Out of Loneliness

Loneliness is a thought or a feeling of depression which can be coupled with anxiety.

Loneliness is also the condition of being lonely. It is the state of feeling alone and empty. Loneliness can be attributed to unhappiness in its victim.

loneliness and how to overcome it

It is possible to feel lonely in some aspect of ones’ life. Some people only experience loneliness in their relationship. When they are at work, they don’t have the feeling of being alone but after work, it is a different experience entirely.

Loneliness is like a virus to the mind as it can damage its victims mind greatly even beyond repair and that is why you should take the signs of loneliness seriously to see if any is manifesting in your life or someone around you so you can get timely help.

Sometimes it might not be easy to spot a victim of loneliness, but if you do, kindly be of help to that person as life could be in danger. Loneliness might not be seen in a victims’ facial expression or in their speeches, so it takes careful study to tell if he or she is experiencing loneliness.

Most victims from research without companions are prone to loneliness. They are not in a serious relationship; they don’t have close friends or person they can confide in and so on.
While others might have companions, they are very friendly, have friends, are in regular conversations with family and friends or neighbors but yet feel lonely or have a thought of worthlessness or valueless once they are alone at home. 

There is a solution out of this dilemma summarized into three (3) and explained in detail later.
They are effective for a quick way out of loneliness. Though they look pretty too good to be true but are really going to help you.

They are:

1- Consciousness

 It is paramount to have your true feeling in your subconscious. In other word, be aware of your feelings. If you are able to recognize how you feel and what it is pointing at, then the problem of loneliness is half solved. Ways to do this include taking note of the type of heaviness of your body. Not all heaviness points to fatigue. Some could point to something hidden and more dangerous if left alone for too long.
Sometimes loneliness could affect your breathing pattern.

2- Approval 

When a victim has noticed loneliness in their subconscious and brought it to consciousness, approval is next. Though a lot of loneliness victims try as much as possible to run away from the reality or from the true state of their inner being.

Some run away from this reality by engaging in more activities as much as possible. They try all means of distractions just to avoid the approval of their state. The feeling will only go for a holiday and then return from holiday with great joy and gladness.
But the best way out here is to accept the feeling, know your current state of mind and move on with life been conscious of it so to enable you have an open mind for accepting or achieving solutions.

3- Empathy

 I strongly recommend this for anyone experiencing loneliness. It is normal to have empathy for anyone experiencing loneliness, so also have empathy on yourself and move on seeking lasting solution.

Signs of Loneliness and the Way Out

1- Addiction to Social Media

 Many have resorted to social media to fill their feeling of emptiness or void they feel. They try to seek happiness online via social media platforms, not knowing it is detrimental to them especially their health. In fact, it causes increase in self-isolation since you will be alone with your gadgets.

Most of the lives presented on social media are not true: that might not be their true person or personality. For instance, most people waiving and smiling on the red carpet and on social media might be deep in loneliness. Some might have this feeling in certain areas of their life while others are totally into loneliness.  So why think they are the best set of people on earth with nothing bothering them.

Way Out

 Take a break from social media interactions and viewing profiles smiling and engage in a more physical interaction.
You could go visit someone close to you or invite friends that can help you out doing what you love together. Let them call you at night to check on you.

2- Long Showers

 Time spent in shower could also be a pointer. It doesn’t mean long showers are bad, but what are the things running through your mind when at the shower. Do you bath for long so that time could pass? Do you think the more time you spend in shower will wash away the thought of loneliness?

Way Out

 Check the time you spend in the shower and what run through your mind when at the shower.

3- Shopping Excessively

 Excessive shopping is a good sign of loneliness. Some people feel the more they have the more they feel fulfilled (wrong). Have you ever wondered why a person with several super cars will still add another four (4) of such cars to their garage? Most people you see shopping for things they don’t need have serious problem they don’t want to confront or don’t know how to go about it.
They think more things acquired will give them happiness. Yes it will, but for a while.

Way Out

 The best way out of this menace is to go for a recreational activity, start a new hobby, hang out with friends and family as they will provide social interaction too.

4- Suicidal Thoughts

 When someone continuously has suicidal thoughts, that person needs help urgently. This is the highest level of feeling lonely. When you want to take your own life because of the void you feel is a signal for extreme loneliness.

Way Out
 Seek for a professional help with face to face conversation immediately.

5- Seeking Attention

 Tell me, why will a person go to where there is crowd especially the media or where his or her action will easily be reported on TV, gossip websites or on social media and do something nasty just to be in the news.
Once they noticed they are not been talked about, they try to create scenes for people to know they are still very much around.

Way Out

 Seek professional help, if not seeking unnecessary attention could land you in more trouble.

6- Excessive Eating and Weight Gain

 Most victims of loneliness and isolation tend to eat a lot. They feel they are hungry and keep eating all manner of junk food which eventually will result to weight gain.

Way Out

 Control your thought about food. When you feel like eating something ask yourself if you are truly hungry and mind what you eat.

7- Ill feeling

 Scientist have proven that when you are idle or isolated, your immune system gets weakened or lazy to fight viral attacks and instead focuses on fighting bacterial.

Way Out

 Get physically active. Engage in some sought of sorting activity. Go for a long and swift walk.

8- Lack of Sleep

 Research shows that lots of lonely people stay awake for a long time on their beds. This means severe lack of sleep which over time affects your health.

Way Out

 Exercising is highly recommended here. This will help your nerves relax promoting sleep.
Your exercise should be at least 4-5 hours before bed time. This will give room for your heart beat rate to return to normal, your body, muscles and nerves to relax properly. It work wonders, try it.

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