6 Tips for Healthy Relationships

Romance is one of the fundamentals for a healthy relationship. Romantic relationships are crucial part of the human mind unlike other animals. Romance plays a key factor in healthy relationships / marriages. 

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Romance in relationships does not have to mean sexual aspect only. There are several other ways we can express romance in relationships / marriages.

Unfortunately, many people in relationships / marriages believe that for romance in a healthy relationship, sexual activities is the only way out and as a result neglect other key areas that help in achieving a healthy relationship.

Romance is a strong attachment for someone

From research, most times it is not the total entity of a person that we derive romance from. It could be their appearance, their lifestyle, the way a person talk, their attitudes, hair style, their hand writing and so on.
For healthy relationships, partners should not fall in love with the total entity of their partners else all they will see are the flaws of their partners.
In all, romance is needed for a healthy relationship to thrive.

Here are the Tips for Healthy Relationship

1                 Romance: Enough has been said about romance already. Romance in relationships / marriages cannot be over looked. It acts like fuel to a dying fire of love. In other words, it rekindles love in relationships. Romance can go distance that sex cannot reach.  Romance is like magnet, it keeps magnetizing your partner day after day. Romance in relationships / marriages will tell the level of healthiness of your relationship. People who get easily discouraged in relationships could be as a result of absence of romance in their relationship. Though there are other reasons for this feeling. Romance in relationships is like eating chicken and chips.

2                 Gratitude: Satisfaction in relationship can be predicted by how much you express gratitude. Commitment in relationships can be traced to gratitude’s in the relationship / marriage as expressed by partners. There is a feeling one gets when appreciated for a job well done at the right time. Don’t keep gratitude for a later time; express it at the right time. Procrastination is not needed in expressing gratitude to your partner.

Partners that appreciate one another stick closely to one another and their love grow stronger on a daily basis. Gratitude’s in relationships will lead to having great Trust in the relationship.

Gratitude can be expressed verbally and in non-verbal ways.

(i)               Verbally: These type of expression of gratitude include;
Thank You [pet name]. This alone has worked wonders and will continue to.  Thank you tells a lot of your inner thoughts which is your real you.
Thank you coupled with a warm hug or kiss is antidote to forgiveness in relationships.

When your partner always expresses gratitude, you will easily forgive him / her for their wrongs / faults.

There are other verbal words one can use to express how grateful they are. So look for the one that best suits your partner / spouse and use it graciously.

(ii)             Non-Verbal: Expressing gratitude’s using non-verbal forms is also a good idea and they include the following:
(a)    Hugs [warm hugs]
(b)   Pecks
(c)    Kisses
(d)   Thumbs up
(e)   Smiles
(f)     Head nods
(g)    Winks
(h)   Gifts

These are some good non-verbal ways of expressing gratitude but not always the best. Peradventure your partner might not read your body language that moment or not looking at your direction.
Never assume your partner know you are grateful. Always look for a means to express it.

3                 Fun Pack: Having while in a relationship / marriage will unlock several Keys to Happinessin Relationships.
Marriages for crying out loud are not just for reproduction but for fun too. This means doing things together that is to be involved in a joint activity or programs that will bring the fun side of your relationship.

From research, when you have fun together, the time spent together will increase romance thereby leading to a healthy relationship.
Depression and Anxiety will not have a place in your relationship when you engage in fun activities together.

It is advised you and your and your partner decide the type of activity to do so the fun won’t be one sided.
For instance you can take a language course together, go for a dancing session / class, piano lessons together, video editing course or spending the weekend in a hotel outside your town, just do something together with great fun.

4                     Sex: For a healthy relationship, sex is also a key factor. Many research currently is pointing to sex for a healthy relationship. Many couples interviewed all gave a plus to sex. 
So ensure it is available in your marriage

5                 Techniques for Listening in your Relationships: This is another quality for a healthy relationship. You must work towards having a good ear when your partner has something to say. You must not be in the mood to do that but you just have to listen and contribute to the discussion. 

Though you can ask politely if the issue can be talked about later and give reason why you want it postponed but it all depend on the urgency or how pressing the matter is.

6                  Self: Your thoughts are known to you only. For healthy relationships, you must be at peace within before all the above can be expressed. Your self-esteem must be in top gear. When both partners have good self-esteem, the relationship is bonded stronger.

Positive self-esteem helps to resolve conflicts easily. Self-esteem is needed for a healthy relationship. You will have confidence to address and resolve issues as they arise in your relationship.

It is best when both partners have positive self-esteem.

Emotions are well understood and or expressed when both partners self-esteem is in top gear.
Anger will easily be managed as a result of positive self-esteem.

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