Sweet Words To Turn On Your Significant Other

Your Words Should Communicate Clearly:
Just as communication is vital in everyday life, so it is in a healthy relationship. Without effective communication, the relationship between you and your boyfriend may hit a rock sooner than expected.


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Love doesn’t have a hold in a poorly communicated relationship. It is like the air we breathe. How can you claim to love someone you don’t reach out to? Love is seen and felt in how we communicate with our significant other.

How can he understand that you love him if you don’t communicate with him often? If you want to succeed in making him fall for you, you have to be the facilitator of effective communication daily. This doesn’t mean it has to be from you always because if it is, you’ll get worn out too.

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Note that the beginning and the end of winning a guy’s heart is the emotional bond that you build towards him via effective communication. Create a strong emotional connection by saying sweet things to him at the right moments.

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We all need an assurance of love from our partner and the sweet words from your heart will give him an assurance of love and admiration.

You’ll learn some secret words to make him fall in love and keep him turned on whenever you want. You need to show him your deep feelings to let him see the hidden emotional side of you. With this, he’ll be attached to you in ways you never imagined.

Once he becomes addicted to your romantic words, he will always want to be there for you without being reminded. You want to motivate him so that he can have a sense of responsibility and go an extra mile just for you.

Note: the above will depend on the secret words you use at the right moment and sure, the right place. Location plays an important role in expressing love for your partner. At the cinema watching a romantic movie could be the right place and the right moment, when he helps with chores at home, etc.

The words provided are just a head start. You can explore further by incorporating the secrets or romantic attraction.

It’s also romantic to express your love for your partner spontaneously.

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1. You’re sexy.

Yeah, this is often used on females. It tells a lot about her beauty. Try use it on your man and see him smile endlessly. Let him know that you find him sexy. Knowing how you think of him is a huge turn on. It will also boost his confidence as well as his testosterone levels - experts.

2. You turn me on.

With reference to #1, knowing that you are aroused by him arouses him too. It means that you are ready for some action. He will love to see that he can pleasure you - experts.

3. Describe something he should do to you.

Some girls don’t know how to ask directly for romantic things from their partner. Show your man that you adore your sexuality and he’ll be turned on - experts. Don’t hesitate to tell him the romantic stuff you fantasize about you two.

4. Ask your partner dirty questions.

Men are visual beings but they also like to hear their partner’s desires and excitements. Knowing what to say to start a dirty talk is extremely important. You also need to identify the best time and place, and be sure that your guy likes the naughty stuff. Know how to dirty chat with your man but do not overdo it.

Like a seed to a tree, begin the sexy talk slowly with your partner. It could be over the text/ social media chat or in-person. Start with simple and short phrases and test his reaction. If he starts responding positively, push the conversation further. But when he seems a bit uncomfortable, it’s time you tone things down.

If you don’t want to sound creepy, you can ask a suggestive question that will give him some wild thoughts. You might discover an adorable side of him you never thought exist.

Here is a rundown of questions to provoke a naughty mood.

A. Do you like dirty talks? You need to ask to be sure if you’re on same page with him. If you go ahead and start a dirty conversation with someone who doesn’t like dirty talks, you’ll be sorry for yourself.

B. What part of me do you like most? It’s easier to follow #1 above with this simple question. There must be a part of your body you’re your partner likes the most ease he probably admires another body.

C. Are you romantic? Though this question is not really necessary because you’ll know if your partner is romantic or not from the way they treat you. Another way to know a romantic guy is from his touch…it’s our secret… smiles.

D. Describe your perfect date night. Don’t expect much from this question because not every guy has a perfect date night in mind. If your partner doesn’t have one, don’t sweat it. You can suggest one for him but let it not be too expensive as that could completely turn him off about hanging out.

E. When did you have your first kiss? With reference to #D, don’t expect much, except you want him to lie. Most guys won’t remember this. So move on with your next question if he says little or nothing at this point.

F. Are you the Superman, Batman, Captain America, Thor, or The Hulk between the sheets? Hmmm, wink!!

G. If you could kiss any part of me now, which one would it be? This classic question allows his mind to run wild. It’s like a lion being chased by nothing in the wild. Guys are good at imagining things. I’m sure you’re going to get the right answer to this question and more because he’s not going to stop at one part of your body.

H. Do you like a dominating or submissive woman?

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I. What fantasies do you have about me?

J. How do you like it - With lights on or off?

K. What’s your favorite lingerie color?

L. What’s your favorite position?

M. Which is your most romantic place?

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The questions above are to give you a head start. Allow your mind some creativeness and see your man do wonders.


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