How To Make A Girl Think And Miss You All Day

No doubt she’s on your mind all through the day. You just can’t help it. But the question you should ask is “are you on her mind?” You sincerely may not know that now and that’s why you’re here to know how to make a girl think and miss you.


You probably must have seen a beautiful lady on the bus or walked pass you that you thought was beautiful and sure she is. Of course, that moment, you’ve already fallen in love with them only to realize after awhile that your next main concern is how to make her think about you.

Having someone think about you all the time is a great feeling. Having her think about you has its perks. Once you have yourself in her mind, making the next move won’t be so hard.

So, first thing first is to make her think about you. When she does, then she can fall in love with you.

How to make a girl think about you

I’m certain you don’t just want her to think about you and that’s it for like ever. The key is working into her mind and once you’re in her mind, you can work towards getting to know her better and eventually asking her out if you’re satisfied with your findings.

Note: You should have a goal in mind of where you’d like to the relationship to be. If you don’t have a goal, she’ll just be wasting her thoughts on you, and there’s no point in even bothering since its all for a short time.

If you truly want to date her, you’re going to have to get her to think about you. You won’t enjoy the relationship if she doesn’t think about you. There won’t be any connections between you two without thinking about one another.

If you’re wondering how to make her think about you, just keep reading. Follow these simplified steps on how to make a girl think and miss you dearly.

1. Have a set goal in mind.
If this is just for your own self-image, then don’t bother doing this. You decided to handout with her because she’s the most beautiful girl in your school or neighborhood to show off, etc. That’s a wrong motive. You can’t play with emotions like that. She’ll be hurt when she realize you’re dating her only for your EGO.

If you like her and you want to date her then that’s your goal. Have a reasonable goal in mind and not a self-centered one. Figure out where you’d like this to go and then work towards it. If it’s asking her out on a date, then you’ll be keeping that in mind when you’re talking to her and ensure she’s carried along.

2. Avoid the routine.
For instance, if you normally text each other at night between certain time of the night or particular time of the day, change the routine. People like spontaneity and doing things out of the routine will make her think about you a lot and this is because you’re breaking the pattern/ routine that you’ve developed with her.

Her mind is fixed on getting a text or call from you at night and it came 7 hours earlier. She usually knows when you go to work or when you’ll have lunch. By not sticking to the routine, you keep her on her toes and guess what? You’re on her mind.

3. Surprise her.
In 28 romantic gestures that every woman love, we stated that a great relationship doesn’t need expensive show of affection round the clock and that’s so true. You don’t need to take her on a romantic picnic or lay under the stars to surprise her. Of course, you can do that if you can, but it’s not necessary. The point here is that surprises don’t need to be big and fancy. They just need to have some effort put into them. Surprise her with the little things you can afford and don’t wait till you can go on a trip to Disney land.

4. Be different from the other guys.
When you get yourself into the head of a girl, it’s because you worked up her mind some way - you took her off her routine. This is basically what makes her think about you. You’ve made yourself different from other guys and you show her a side of mystery that the others don’t show. This will leave her thinking about you for sure.

5. Flirt with her.
If you want her to think about you when you’re not with her, then you have to flirt with her. Note this will do a couple of things in your relationship. First, it’ll build the sexual tension between you. Secondly, it’ll get her to replay your conversations in her head when she’s lonely or whenever she thinks about you. By replaying these flirtatious conversations, you’re already in her head.

Boundaries are crucial in relationships and you should know when not to step pass them. Note: if your goal is to be her friend, then ignore this step. But if you have feelings for her, you need to know where your boundaries are. Yes, you can show friendship, but she also needs to see that you’re not interested in being just her friend. You don’t want to be considered like her brother either; you want to be considered as an option in terms of something serious.

7. Compliment her but in the best possible way.
Most people do not know there’s a right and wrong way when it comes to compliments. For instance; the wrong way is calling your significant other “sexy bitch” or “hey juicy ass.” I mean, come on, there are better ways to compliment a woman. Those words are not used to address a decent lady.

“Bitch” is slang/an insult. I’m sure she deserves better. If you treat her like she’s a piece of meat purchased by a road side market, you won’t get far. But if you compliment her in a way that shows respect and love, those words will stick in her mind and won’t stop replaying.

8. Don’t always be there/available.
If you want her to think a lot about you, you can’t always be available. I know you think that by being there means no other guy will be able to find his way into her heart. On the second thought, if you’re always there you look anxious/insecure.

So, give her some space, so she can start to miss and think about you.

9. Be reserved with your feelings in the beginning.
I know you like her a lot, and there’s no problem showing her how you feel. But if you want to know how to make a girl think about you, you’ll want to keep your emotions a little low key in the beginning. It helps to make her think about you like a mystery man.

10. Easy with the texting.
Texting is one of modern day communication technique and it’s pretty cheaper than calling. It also gives you the ability to express yourself better. But there’s a downside of it. Sometimes, it gets to the point where it becomes too much. With reference to #8, if you’re always there then you won’t give her any time to miss and think about you.

Try as much as possible to allow a conversation die naturally over text. Cultivate the habit of not texting her every five minutes. Let her some space to breath. She can’t miss you if you’re always there like a spy. She can sense it from a distance.

11. Step on the brakes.
I know you want her to think about you often and the next day you ask her out and then the day after that you start dating. But the reality is, if you want her to miss and think about you, you need to go slow. It’s like making a soup. Yeah, you can cook it quickly, but the true flavors rise over time. You need to build the tension between you two and that takes time.

12. Be your own priority.
We tend to throw in everything we have when we like someone to get them to like us back. This is the wrong way to go about getting someone to love us. In spite of who the person is that you like, make sure that you don’t make them a priority over yourself. This will provide you with some boundaries and room for you to meet up with your needs and at same time make her think about you because it gives off the impression that you’re pre-occupied.

If you follow the tips above, in no time, you’ll have her missing and thinking about you all day.

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