61 Cute Names For Your Girlfriend To Leave Her Smiling

Most people have a nickname for their loved one. Nickname symbolizes the love and the affection that we have for someone dear to us. Usually, nicknames are derived from a person’s real name. For example; Cynthia-cindy-cy.


However, if it’s your girlfriend, you might want to go with something more romantic. Something that cause a spark.  For instance, you can call your girlfriend sunshine because she lightens up your day at the thought of her or call her peach because she is so delightful.

For each of the names listed, a brief description has been added so you can choose a nickname for your girlfriend that suits her qualities or something that you think best describes her.

Note that no name can be compared to a cute pet name. A cute name alone can make her bond with you more than you think and it’ll lighten her heart. The challenge is; what should you call her?

Pet names sound cute and you know what they mean. They might mean something else to you.

In searching for a cute name for your girlfriend, there are those names that may require a little explanation because they’re not as traditional as ‘my love’, ‘sweet heart’, ‘darling’, etc.

The list below are all cute names to call your girlfriend whether you’re in a fight, you want to cheer her up, or you just want to remind her of how much she means to you or the important role she plays in your life.

1. Juliet – If she is the superwoman to your life. Just like in the movie “Romeo and Juliet”. This pet name is not in vogue anymore but it’s still a cute one.


2. Sugar – Pretty self-explanatory right? She is so sweet. Everything about her is sweet just like sugar. It’s like beauty without defect. Calling your girlfriend sugar will feel like candy to her soul. Just imagine the feeling.

3. Cutie – Have you observed there’s a difference between beautiful, sweet, and cute/cutie? If she is so cute, she makes you say wow, her beauty leaves you speechless, etc. Then cutie is just for her.

4. Apple – there’s something unique about apple. It’s so beautiful within and outside.  So if she is the apple of your eye, calling her apple is a cute way to let her know.

5. Kitten – If she is adorable like a kitten. But its’ best if has a spot for kitten. 

6. Boo – If you find her sexy, go ahead and call her boo with a soft tone. If you don’t ever want to sleep without her under your arm, or cuddle on you then boo it is. Wink!!

7. Doll – You know, dolls are always beautiful. If she is as perfect as one in your eyes, do call her doll. Note: not every lady will like the idea of doll. So be sure before calling her doll.

8. Sweets – A cute name that means she is the sweetest and dearest to your heart.

9. Honeypie – With reference to #8, she has taken over your heart. You so much love her like you’ve not loved before. Just like sweet, you want to roll her in your mouth.

10. Hun – Its’ short for honey and it is one of those cute names that old couples use. If you’re comfortable with it, go ahead and use it because it remains a classical name.

11. One – She’s the ONE and not only is she your number one priority, she’s your all in all. Calling her one will continue to tell her what place she holds in your life and your heart.

12. Cuddle – As you love to cuddle with her 24/7 if time permits.


13. Lovey. – It sounds funny calling your partner “Love you”. But, when you say lovey, that lets her know that she is the love of your life. It’s twisting “I love you,” being creative and you are everything to me… all in one.

14. Magic – There’s something about this name. It should only be used if she makes your life magical.

15. Pink/Pinky – If she is girly. Some ladies are quite girly you know.

16. Cinderella – Remember that movie? You can use Cinderella as she’s the only princess in your castle.

17. Hotness – If she’s really hot. (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

18. Spicy – With reference to #8, if she can be both sweet and spicy, let her know. This name can also be used as a signal that you would like a little spice tonight. You know…

19. Chili – Chili is one of the cute things to call your girlfriend she’s too hot to the taste. If she is so hot, you just want to eat her up, call her chili tonight.

20. Smiles – She can drop you to the floor with her smile. When her smile is breathtaking, melts your heavy heart, calms tension in the atmosphere etc, what more can you call her rather than smiles.

21. Sunshine – How’s a day like without sunshine? Let her be your sunshine all day. Let her know she brings brightness to your life. It’s like telling her you can’t exist without her.

22. With reference to #21, if you feel like you were just walking through life until she shined a bright light on your way, wide eyes is the perfect cute name for her.

23. Doughnut – For someone who is sweet and must be round. (Round and Beautiful)

24. Hot-stuff – She must be irresistible. You don’t want to take your eye off her body a moment.

25. Pretty lady – Suitable for a gentle, pretty and fragile lady.

26. Bestie – She’s the utmost definition of best. She is the best girlfriend, friend, best thing that has ever happened to you.

27. More – You just can’t get enough of her. Every time you’re with her, it leaves you wanting more. You just can’t stop wanting more of her to be around.

28. Perfect – She’ll really appreciate this one. Remember there’re no perfect human. But if she’s next to perfection, then perfect is the perfect thing to call a perfect lady. This name speaks volume. This lady must really be a deal breaker indeed. Just imagine a woman that fits perfectly into your world. She’s got a kind heart, little or no flaws, etc that you desire off your woman.

29. Eleven – With reference to #27 and #28, you call her ELEVEN – 11 because on a scale of one to ten she is an eleven. She is so off the charts, that she has a number to herself. This is another name that speaks for itself.

30. Beautiful “B” for short – There is nothing better than someone they’re beautiful. Call her “B”

31. Just right or right – If she is right for you and your world, all she needs to hear is right.

32. Brainspin – Brainspin is when you can’t sleep because you’re thinking of someone or something. If she keeps you up at night because you are thinking about her #17, then brainspin fits just right.

33. Curves or curvy –If all of her curves fit all of your imagination just perfectly, then curves is the perfect name for her. Humans love names that represent them positively. Big/huge guys love to be called “BIGGER” or “DON”. It makes them feel like “yeah, that’s me.”

34. Wifey – Someone you plan to make your future wife. 

35. Queen – If she is the queen of your heart and you act the king you are.

36. Bright eyes – If her eyes are her best feature and seeing them melts your heart, bright eyes fits perfectly.

37. Bright side – with reference to #36, when things get bad and she’s the first thing you think of to cheer you up, then she is definitely your “bright side.” You can’t be wrong.

38. Angel – If she’s your guardian angel. She gives the best of advice, you hear her voice guiding you even when you’re not with her.

39. Pumpkin – She’s bright and sweet.

40. Lucky charm – If she brings you good luck, why not call her that?

41. My rib – If she best compliments you and speak the same language.

42. Silver lining or just Silver – This best describes her if she’s the one that makes everything bearable in your life.

43. All – all is everything right? So this name is best for the girl who is everything you could ever need in a woman.

44. Darling – When someone is darling they are just about the cutest thing. This name has come to stay. Pretty classical name.

45. Brooke. It’s a urban dictionary word that means beautiful/gorgeous. If she’s got this feature as key, go on and call her Brooke.

46. Ice cream – For the girl who is as sweet as ice cream and cute, ice cream is the perfect name for her.

47. Sexy – What lady wouldn’t love to be called sexy? This name is old but a goodie, it still applies till date and I don’t think it’s leaving the list anytime soon.

48. Sparky – It could be miss represented like little sister. Sparky is that spunky girl that lights your heart like a spark. Sparky is someone who makes your life hyper exciting.

49. Babe – If she’s cool and sexy.

50. Stunning/Gorgeous – This one is self-explanatory and should not be used on the regular but not only at Christmas.

51. Lemon Lemon is a cool name if she adds something new and exciting to your life like lemon juice. 

52. Cookie – yummy right? It should be used if she is sweet as one.

53. Happiness – Not really sexy right? But it’s still in use by a handful.

54. Snuggly/cuddle – For someone you love to cuddle with. 

55. Lamb – If she is as adorable, sweet and gentle like a lamb. 

56. Rose – If she is as precious as a rose and probably red is her color.

57. Melody – who wouldn’t want to wake up to a melodious voice? Should be used if her voice is as melodious as a melody touching your strings. Wink!

58. Hot Mama – She has to be really hot and you find her curvy and sexy. Is it all about the curves?

59. Precious/Gem – should only be used if you consider her too valuable to lose.

60. Sweet-heart – This name should be used only if she’s sweet and sincere.

61. Mummy – Not everyone subscribe to this name. But it’s a cute name used if she plays a motherly role in your life or reminds you of your mum. There’re tribes that really use mummy and it’s well accepted by their women. It speaks volume to them. It means she’s your all in all – (Yoruba).

Tips for Choosing Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Don’t be in a hurry to give your girlfriend a name. Make sure your girlfriend approves of the nickname that you keep for her too. There’s no particular way or format to use in nicknaming your significant other as you can derive a cute nickname for her from her real name. For instance: Debora can be called Debbie.

NB: Avoid calling her sexual nicknames in public such as Hot stuff, Sexy mama if she doesn’t approve of it and if you must call her so, let it be whispered.

Also try to give her a nickname that’ll make her feel special.

Cute names can be the glue that binds you together. Every special one needs one. There are endless cute names to call your girlfriend. So pick the one that suits her best, and just make it stick like a lovely fruity fragrance.

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