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By Precious-Promise ILALOKHOIN

Then something happened. One Saturday morning, I went out and.....You know, we all have a level of intelligence. I am not referring to book/academic intelligence alone. 

Mind, thoughts and actions

Some people have street intelligence. With your 1st class degree from the best university in the world they will successfully sell you on the street of Mushin and collect change while you are still there gramatizing.

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Some have spiritual intelligence. You may be able to perform cs, heart transplant and brain surgery but these other people can pray a wombless woman into conception! ( It is better you read up on types of Intelligence. If you go and write spiritual intelligence in test/exam, hmmm....OYO is your own o. Me, ayaf already scored my A in psychology. Lol)

Some have social intelligence. You may be the best graduating student in Sociology, Mass Communication or Theater Art's department while they graduated with a pass, yet their number of  honest and loyal friends supercedes yours 70×7 times.
So being a Prof., Dr., Engr. etc does not automatically mean you are emotionally intelligent.

......and i left my handset at home. By the time I returned, it was late at night and my phone had gone off. I just plugged it for charging and went to bed. I did not know my madam had called several times before my phone went off. Meanwhile, there was a new development which required my change of environment, going on leave and probably not working with that organization again.

On Monday morning, I went to her office to explain the new development to her and also seek her opinion.

Immediately she set eyes on me, she started boiling and screaming at the top of her voice; "So you ignored my calls. You dare ignore my calls"

ME: "ma, I..."
before I could say anything
BOSS: Just give me my keys and get away from my sight"
ME: Ma, I'm sorry, I was not with my phone.
BOSS: Just give me my keys. I've already instructed the HR to reassign you to another department.
ME: Ma, there's something important that came up over the weekend and I would like to seek your opinion ma
BOSS: Is it official?
ME: Yes ma, both official and personal.
BOSS: I'm not interested in your private life. Do you think I care?

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At that moment it dawned on me how hot tempered, insensitive and cold hearted   my boss could be. She just confirmed the gossip going round the organization that I am the first person to work closely with her for this long.
I went to my office, applied for emergency leave and arranged all company's properties with me in and around my desk.
She has made my decision easier.

My leave was to last for a week but I did not resume. After 14days, I received a call from HR.
HR: "When are you coming to work with your madam? We are tired of changing people assigned to her office.
ME: Really? Too bad. I won't be resuming again.

Few minutes later madam's call came in

ME: Hello, Good afternoon ma
BOSS: Good afternoon. How are you? Don't tell me you are leaving just like that. What did we do to you?
ME; Nothing ma, just that I have relocated
BOSS: Relocated? And you did not inform Me?
ME: I wanted to discuss it with you and seek your opinion but you were not in the mood ma.
BOSS; Ah, that's serious!

I later heard that the chairman's daughter who is also the MD reported to her father that her attitude was sending away dedicated workers and profitable clients from the organization and she was relieved of her appointment.

What is emotional intelligence? To be cont'd

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