The Effects of Narcissist in a Relationship

There are several personality disorder and Narcissistic personality disorder is one of such disorders. A narcissist is a person full of much pride. Narcissist displays excess love and admiration for themselves.

Narcissist yarn for excessive attention and admiration from people around them, hence they have troubled relationships. From research, narcissists do not do well with criticism. Though, they are perceived as having strong will.
Unlike misogynist that is a male personality disorder (female haters); Narcissistic personality disorder affects more males than females.
A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in every area of life. Like misogynist, they find it difficult to sustain a healthy relationship at work, school, among friends or marriages. Narcissists always seek special treatments or approvals and are more likely to be disappointed when they don’t get such treatments.
Potential causes of narcissistic personality disorder
The real cause of narcissistic personality disorder is more complex than that of misogyny where we understand that it is an unconscious behavioral defect caused by past trauma involving a female especially the one they love. The causes of narcissistic personality disorder is generally grouped into three (3) and they are listed below.
1. Environment 
Environment plays a major role in the upbringing of a child. Children learn very fast from what they are exposed to and this has a way of shaping their personality. Parental lifestyle is another environmental factor. The words parent use in addressing their kids also shape them. When you adore or criticize a child excessively could lead to narcissist personality disorder.
2. Neuroscience 
This is the scientific discipline that studies nerve cells. There is a connection between the brain, behavior and thinking. When something is wrong with these nerves, it could lead to this disorder.
3. Genetics
These are genetic characteristics. They are inherited.

Here are the effects of narcissist in a relationship
1. They lack sense of proper communication
Narcissists don’t know how to communicate. They want to be heard always. They don’t care about your opinion. They feel superior to their partner. Domination of all conversations is their greatest joy. With this, they are unable to maintain a relationship.
2. They lack control of their emotions
Narcissists have difficulty controlling their emotions. This moment they are happy and the next they are something else. You cannot easily predict their emotions. In other words, they swing moods like the misogynist.
3. They exaggerate achievements before their partner
Your partner gets uncomfortable when you always exaggerate your achievements. They feel you are taking them for granted or making light of them. It is good to talk about what and how you achieve a thing but not to exaggerate about it. Unfortunately, this is where a narcissist fall.
4. They have a sense of superiority
It is a good feeling when you feel superior. In relationships, there are times you keep your superiority for healthy relationship.
5. They hardly recognize the feeling of their partners
Narcissists are self-centered. Hence they hardly or completely don’t recognize the feelings of their partner. All they care about is their feelings only. They don’t understand their partners’emotions because all they care about is their self. This can lead to mistrust in relationships.
6.  Feel depressed easily
Narcissist feel depressed easily when faced with challenges in relationship. They don’t have the capability to manage situations.
7. They are envious of their partner
You are supposed to be happy when your partner makes progress. Unfortunately, a narcissist envies his or her partner if they are doing better than them and this will lead to an unhealthy relationship.
8. They demand special considerations
Narcissist don’t consider the time of their decision. They expect their partner to always give them special consideration anytime they ask for something. This could lead to relationship anxiety.
9, They react with fury
This is not the best in any relationship. The ability to control your anger in relationships is important. The safety of your partner is questioned when you destroy things in the name of anger.
10. Relationship insecurity
Narcissist feels insecure and this could lead to mistrust.

Unfortunately, there are no specific treatments for this disorder but there are few tips that could help.
1-            Visit a therapist once any of the above listed is observed.
2-            Visit a gathering or class were narcissist disorder is discussed for more help.
3-            Visit a physician
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