How to Communicate Better For Healthy Relationship

Every relationship expert will encourage you to talk to your partner about everything, which is actually the best way of letting your partner know how you feel. It is like giving report on a job. If you don’t give report to your superiors at work, how will they know of your improvement or challenges you are facing on the task given to you.

Good communication

Though relationship report (feeling) is different from a job report knowing that there is a formal way of reporting the latter.

In relationship report (feeling), understanding the human emotional changes is vital. You have a partner who is stressed out from work and here you are talking about soccer-boring. Though you might be excited about telling your partner about the games especially when your favorite team won the game. But before you let the cat out of the bag, take a closer look at their emotions. Are they in the mood of hearing your exciting after match cementation? 

Maybe you just had a new hairdo and you are in a haste to show it off to your partner who is deep in thought of his career. You definitely will not get the best of response as expected. This is why you must take a quick survey of your partners’ emotions before expressing your feelings.

Here is the list of how to achieve healthy relationship through better communication

Careful listening is very important in relationships. Communication has to do with connection. One of the ways your partner will know you are listening to them is by been active in your listening. As simple as it sounds, many cannot listen to their spouse actively. They engage in other things while their partner is talking. This will break the flow of communication. They might even withdraw and talk to your neighbor when next they need a listening ear. Simply giving a nod, a smile, body gesture or little sentences could do the job and become a hero for your spouse. What most people need when they express their feelings is someone who listens, active and understands what they are saying. Only agree you understand if you truly do because your partner could ask for your opinion that moment and you know what will happen if they realize you were just playing some I understand trick on them. If you do not understand at any point, be sure to ask for permission ‘excuse me please, I don’t understand this part’. If you do not agree on the situation or the way they handled a situation, let them finish talking before you express any form of disagreement. This means you respect their view on the situation and you are willing to help out.

2-         Ask questions

Asking questions is a quick way to learn new things. Don’t assume you know all. Ask your partner questions as regards anything. The wise keep asking questions and will continue to do so. Achieving better communication means asking questions.

3-         Avoid serious talks
Hey this doesn’t mean you won’t serious issues through. Create opportunity to talk about other things aside how to make the relationship work and so on and just sit and talk about a TV show or series you both follow. Tell your partner about the episode they missed. You could talk about the funny TV show you watched while your partner was away. These little talks have a way of connecting our emotions one to another making us firmly bonded.  

4-            Share the moments
It is normal we feel closer to people we share our moments with. It is also better if those we share our moments with have similar moments too. Naturally, we will want to be around such person because of the similarities we share. Couples with job similarities enjoy this most as each partner talks about how their day went, the challenges they had and how they were able to overcome the challenges, their partner will easily be carried along and provide more suggestions against similar challenge in the future. Partners with no job similarity will have to be good listeners and show interest in your partners’ career to enjoy the moments shared. Here asking reasonable questions will be handy. Like how did you manage your unresponsive clients today? How were sales today? Intimacy could be initiated from moments shared.

5-            Hang outs
This is another important way of achieving healthy relationship. Hang out from time to time. Go somewhere of interest together. Sit close to each other. Let there be body contact. It helps to communicate our inner thoughts.

6-            Talk and listen
This could be tricky. What is the use of all the above if you cannot talk and then listen to the response of your partner. Communication is a two way thing. You talk and then you listen. You say something and then you listen to the reply. Some people get it all wrong here. They just keep talking all day to themselves and then complain their partner doesn’t discuss with them. How will they discuss when you don’t allow them air their voice. It is good to talk about yourself but carry your partner along. That way you will enjoy conversation.

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