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By Precious-Promise ILALOKHOIN
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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you put a call through to a friend, colleague, spouse,  sibling...and the call is not answered?  You dial and redial, once,twice,thrice..... the phone keeps ringing and no one is responding!  "Isn't it obvious? He is ignoring my calls".  " Isn't it glaring? She is avoiding my calls". We conclude, with a sense of  'anger', 'irritation' 'annoyance' or even sudden 'hatred' for that person.

We feel more offended if after some hours we dial the number again and it keeps ringing without response. The silent voice within us suggests; " what if she's in a situation? "
But we argue, "hian, which situation? She's only getting proud and arrogant these days. Since we left school, she has been trying to form busy". " What if he is not with his phone?" "Hian, he is always with his phone. I am sure he is with another chic. That's why he's not answering my call". Then we allow anger and  bitterness well up  within us, negatively affecting our day while the other person, unaware of our plight enjoys a really good day.

I once worked with a woman. (I heard female bosses are more difficult to work with(?). I doubt that, I believe its an individual thing. Don't you?).
I was totally dedicated to giving her the best of me. My boss, a PhD holder also knows how to 'use' people to the last drain of their blood. She would engage me in activities outside my job description. I would spend extra hours after official closing time reading and editing her works, I would edit her outgoing mails including her personal and confidential stuffs, I would run other unofficial errands  for her including going to the market to do her groceries!

She was always very happy with me and I was glad she was satisfied with my level of commitment as I usually derive joy working with successful people because I desire to reach and surpass their level of success in life.
Sometimes she would call me and pour out her mind about issues generally while I just quietly listen, smile, nod my head and chip in a few words.

People who have been in that organization for years called me and told me about how rash,insensitive and hot tempered my boss could be. Some said she was just using me. But I smiled and concluded within me that it was ok for her to use me as long as I am learning. Moreover, these people must be corporate gossips.

Then something happened.
One Saturday morning, I went out and ...TO BE CONT'D

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