What Does Your Man Really Need?

If you are in a relationship or not or you're already married or soon to be, at this point, take a seat.

Dear woman, you should know this: if you understand a man's need and meet it, he will love you with the whole of his life.


Men can go any length for the woman they love. But you must first play your part.

You can't do the following things for the wrong man and meet his needs. But if you are with the right man who loves you so much, consider yourself lucky and please don't take him for granted. Many women aren't these lucky to have such men.

1. He needs peace of mind/serene environment.👌

As a woman, since men are created to be a provider and he is a logical thinker, he has so many things boggling his mind that he needs a calm to relax.

If you don't know how to create a peaceful/serene environment for a man, he'll look for peace elsewhere.

“Peace of mind is critical to a loving partner and for a healthy relationship”

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I know that women tend to be reactive. They react spontaneously. They dish it out almost immediately like a Tennis player. But if you treat a man this way all the time, he'll prefer to stay out late, work late, hang out with the boys, hangout with a mistress or drink himself to stupor at night so that he would become deaf to your ranting and keep a stony heart. 

Don’t be a woman who nags life out of your man.

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“Men loves women who do not increase their pressure” because men are naturally pressured.

An average and serious man is thinking of how to make life comfortable for himself and his family, but when you increase the frustration that life throws at him, you will sell him off to a good looking and probably curvier mistress or secretary who helps him unburden his heavy mind.

As a lady, know when to discuss pressing issues with your man. Do not talk about bills when he hasn't settle his mind after a long day. Help him relax first. Talk about other things other than bills. When he’s relaxed, you can bring up the issue. Some people leave such issues pending till the next day. Don't deprive him sex when he needs it because of something he's yet to provide for you or the kids.

“Give your man peace of mind and don’t add to the troubles of his life”.

2. He needs your respect.

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Do you know that the greatest need of a man is not sex? Please read that again. A man's greatest need is not sex but respect - #RespectYourMan

Don’t be dazed dear.

A man can have sex with a woman and yet don’t love her. But there’s no man who doesn't love a woman that gives him so much respect.

Try this simple trick and thank me later - Treat a man the way he deserves to be treated and you'll bring out the baby in him. “All men are babies; he’s just one with ego”.

Men love to be in charge. A man loves to be treated as a king. Men have ego and a wise woman will pamper it rather than bruise it through her ignorance or negligence.

Respect isn't about kneeling down and to carry the food on your head for him to eat from while kneeling. Respect isn't about saying "I’ll submit to you”, I’ll do this or that…”.

Respect to a man means that you don't take him for granted, you value his opinion and do what he tells you. Note: it doesn’t mean your opinion is not worth listening to, but you must first play your role by showing him you respect him and he’ll follow through with your advice. In fact, when you truly respect your man, your decision becomes his. In other words, whatever you tell him to do is what he’ll do.

In short, the summary of respect to a man is obedience.

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Don’t disgrace your partner in front of his family, friends and kids when the factory is open.

Do you know why wives are advised to be submissive to their husband? It’s because some women lead independent lives, especially first born and probably the industrious ones; for them to submit to their husband will be a tough battle because they have independently made decisions and embark on projects without any help from a male figure in their lives.

However, it is very easy for a woman to submit to the right man who wouldn't treat her like a slave, but would love her as the ‘bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh’. Bone talks about support while flesh talks about covering.

An ugly woman who respects a man will get his 100% attention than a beautiful woman who lacks respect. Plus other things like making good food and so on.

3. He needs a help meet.

A help meet isn't a woman that will give him a mind-blowing sex, prepare a finger-licking meal or take care of his house; a help meet is a woman that can fill in the gap that exists in his life. This is why some refer women as a man's "better half".

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He needs a woman who can help him fulfill his purpose, dreams and visions. He needs a woman who they can both brainstorm ideas for better future. He needs a woman that can cover him and support him – Bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh: Bone talks about support while flesh talks about covering.

He needs a woman that would encourage him when others give up on him. He needs a woman that can stand behind and beside him when his fears seems greater than his faith.

He needs a woman that would give him 4W's: warmth, wrestle, walk, and work with him – having your back too.

4. Have a teachable heart.

Other needs of a man include a teachable woman who can give him good food, sex and look good for him. This is why you should dress well to look your best for him because men are moved by what they see most of the time, prepare good food for him or learn if you don't know how to cook, and learn to satisfy him in bed. Don’t be timid to try new positions with your significant other.

Just be teachable – have an open heart and don’t take every correction as meaning ill about your feelings, etc.

What other things does a man needs that I didn't mention?

Share your thoughts please.


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